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Hard Rocking Gowallabies

June 10, 2011 Leave a comment

So you earned the “Roadie” pin…good for you.  Now crank up that dial all the way past 10 and earn the “Up To 11” pin.  As the title suggests you need to check in to at 11 different live music venues to proudly rock this pin on your passport.


Gowalla iPhone Update 3.3.0

Just in case you didn’t have a chance to pick it up on June 1st the newest iteration of Gowalla for the iPhone was released yesterday.  It still doesn’t seem to have fixed that pesky Push Notifications bug!

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Green, and Growing Gowallabies

June 1, 2011 2 comments

So you can shop for produce in your local Supermarket, Grocery Store, or similar establishment… but there is nothing like connecting with the people who actually grow, make, and produce what you are about to put on your dining room table.  Gowalla has recently added the “Farmers Market” category for just such places.  So go out and grocery shop with Gowalla!

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