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New Photo Viewer on

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Gowalla has updated the photo viewer for any Spot with pictures to allow you to browse through them much more quickly. Here’s what the new interface looks like:

New Photo Viewer

We rolled out a fun new photo viewer on Check out the beautiful pics at the Eiffel Tower —

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Contest: 500,000th Photo

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

500,000 Photos

Quick Summary:

Gowalla is closing in on the 500,000th photo. They will be awarding the lucky user who snaps the big number as well as the best photos in the first 499,999 photos. Point out your best photos or the favorites from your friends (in the comments of their official blog post or by twittering @gowalla) for a chance to win.


More info here:

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New Website Feature: Delete Photos

You can now delete photos you’ve uploaded to Gowalla. Just hover over the photo (on and an X will appear in the upper right corner.


Delete Photo

Tip: If you’ve posted a photo by accident or changed your mind, you can now delete it online! Hover over the pic and click the X.

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