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Update to Trips

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Gowalla has announced an update to the Trips functionality allowing you to create your own Trips.

The idea is simple:

Add to Trip

  • All Spots now have a new “Add to Trip” button on their web page
  • You create Trips by combining a series of Spots with a certain theme
  • If your Trips become popular with your friends they will be considered for promotion to Featured Trips and get their own icon. (Pretty much the same as Featured Spots. There is probably no hard and fast criteria for what will be selected.)
  • Update: I went through the process, and it’s pretty much just as it says. You click the button, select a Trip to add it to (or create a new Trip.) When you are all done adding Spots you have to go to the Trip itself and click the Publish button so that the Trip will show up to your friends. Check out my Trip around the University of Notre Dame here.

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Updates to Trips Menu

January 28, 2010 1 comment

Gowalla made some changes to the App to add more categories to the Trips interface. (Not a new version, just a new link that shows up.)

Trips Update 1

When you go to trips you’ll see a new “Browse” button in the upper left.

Trips Update 2

Clicking it will get you a menu of categories including : Nearby Trips, Friends Trips, Featured Trips and Challenges.

Nearby Trips lists all the current Trips, in order by how far away they are.

Challenges contains all the Pins (achievements like “Visit 10 Coffeeshops”, “Found 10 Spots”, etc.)

Friends Tips and Featured Trips are both blank for me, but Gowalla has talked a lot about allowing you to create your own Trips so I imagine these changes are in order to support this new functionality which hopefully we will see soon.

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